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Dear Werner I wish to offer my sincere gratitude for a great fly fishing experience on the Margaree. In addition to quickly placing my on the some great fishing holes I have been able to perfect my fly casting skills based on your advice to the point where my friends believe I’ve been fly casting for years. I truly enjoyed the sites and the fishing and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who has as interest in fishing the Margaree. I may be able to free up for a Spring trip and if I do i’ ll be sure to make my reservation in advance. Thank you once more and I had a great time. Take good care and best of fishing to you. Sincerely Dale M Krajniak Grosse Poite Park Michigan
Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon at the Margaree River. My father and I spend two weeks at the Margaree Riverview Inn in Margaree Forks, NS. Both of us were fishing the first time for Atlantic salmon; various articles in German Fly fishing magazines and recommendation from other fly fisherman have been the reason for us to spend the 2 weeks at Werner’s lodge and the Margaree River. Due to the weather conditions in the 1st week with extremely sunny days and temperature up to 28° Celsius almost no fish got hooked in the river. However, we very much enjoyed the beautiful nature, the Indian summer and the days with Werner guiding us. During those days we learnt the Atlantic salmon fishing techniques, how to fish the Margaree and most important spotted a lot of good fish. That made us quite optimistic for the second week, where they forecasted rain and lower temperatures. So we were looking forward to the fresh salmon coming up the river. And it started raining at the Thanksgiving weekend, unfortunately it didn’t stop. The whole Margaree valley got flooded for 3-4 days, fishing at the Margaree impossible. So we ended up with only 2 days left to catch our first salmon, but Werner kept promising that we will get our fish before we leave. And he was right; it has been our last day when my father got a beautiful grilse in the morning. After changing location Werner took us to his favorite pool, the Hatchery. It didn’t take long when also I hooked my salmon, a beautiful fish of app. 10-12 lb. The 2 weeks at the Margaree Lodge resort have been great in all respects. Thank you Werner for the hospitality, the great time we spent with you at the Margaree River and your guiding expertise we could benefit from. We are looking forward to our next trip to the Margaree Lodge Resort. Dirk Kruse, Rauenberg, Germany
Fly fishing with Werner Buchhofer, my first time to try fly fishing was a wonderful experience thanks to Werner Buchhofer. He taught me in such a graceful manner that I did not feel like a complete novice. Standing in the middle of the Margaree River with Werner by my side, guiding me gently, explaining patiently, watching and correcting me in a very quiet way, was incredibly exciting. Werner is a great teacher, guide and person. We tried different locations during several days of fishing, he so much wanted me to catch a salmon. Unfortunately I did not hook one but I am hooked on Fly fishing. Thank you Werner, I’ll be back! Monika Johnson, New York
To whom it may concern, This past September I spent two days on the Margaree River with Werner Buchhofer as guide. First and foremost, my first concern when with a guide is my feeling of safety. I size up the person by age, size, and condition. I was able to accept Werner on a first sight basis. I have been in situations where my guide has made a difference and Werner gave me the feeling that he would be up to the task. In the field, Werner was capable in fording the river and showed a willingness to go the extra distance and complete the day. He carried a complete pack of necessary items and was well prepared. He shared locations I would have never have found on my own. His demeanor is subdued yet very informative when needed. Werner’s ability to offer periods of silence were greatly appreciated. I have shared many days with river guides and my two with Werner will remain memorable in a positive way. I would recommend Werner’s Margaree service to my best friend. Regards, William R Ciaurro
“Werner is a very knowledgeable fishing guide and is a real pro at helping you catch fish. He knows the right flies and lines, besides showing you how to make the perfect cast. I had a very enjoyable time fishing with him.” All the best, Tom Woodward, Vermont
Every fall since 2001 I tried to spend minimum one week salmon fishing on the beautiful Margaree. Fishing for Atlantic Salmon is amongst the most difficult things a fly fisher can experience. The problem is not only to choose the right pool, time and fly, even if all this conditions are perfect, you still must know the few square feet on the pool surface to place your fly. And this is the knowledge, that separates the good fishing guides from the other. I spent beautiful days on the Margaree with Werner Buchhofer and he still knows some remote, quite pools were we enjoyed the Indian Summer and caught fish on our own. And I never lost a fish while Werner was guiding me. We also had outstanding fishing adventures on the Bras D’or lake, where we caught rainbow trout on the one hand rod like crazy. If any of my fishing pals considers to visit the Margaree, I recommend the perfect guiding services of Werner. And they all came home with this special glow in their eyes. I can’t wait until it’s fall again! All the best Christian Becker Datteln, Germany
Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon at the Margaree River – I had the fortunate experience to visit Margaree Forks and spend a week fishing on the Margaree River. Werner Buchhofer was my guide for three days. On Day 1, Werner put me at ease and quickly and surreptitiously assessed my fishing ability. From there on he was always on hand for advice and guidance on the river state and tactics. He was flexible with start times and tailored his availability to my needs. His fishing experience, whether it was on casting, flies or knot tying was abundantly evident, and he maintained and upbeat approach even when faced with difficult fishing conditions. I found him to be an amiable, patient man with a great deal of local knowledge, well prepared and pleasant company. Werner has the ability to assess people quickly and provide them with timely appropriate advice. Whilst on the river I saw Werner tutoring a complete novice, his interaction with his pupil was excellent. Werner’s knowledge of Atlantic salmon fishing on the Margaree River was first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending his service. I will look forward to utilising his service in future years. Kind regards, Graham ANTHONY Wales, United Kingdom