Fly Fishing gear

Fly Gear

One hand rod with fighting butt of 8 to 11 feet, 7 weight, 8 weight or 9 weight, or a two hand rod of 13 to 14 feet, 9 weight, 10 weight or 11 weight. Lines should be consistent to the weight of the rod. Types of lines vary from floating, sink, sink tip or intermediate, depending on the water level. The reel should have a good brake and store 100 yards of backing line.

In the summertime breathable waders (felt sole) are recommended because it can be very warm, for the fall neoprene waders or heavy underwear.


Dries like Bomber, Bugs or Wulffs are the most common. Hook size 2 – 12 depending on the water level. Wet flies such as Green Machine, Mickey Finn, Black GP, Green Highlander, Blue Charm, GP, Cosseboom, Black Bear, Ross, Big Intervale Blue, Marabou Flies and Muddler. Hook size: Summer 6 – 12, Fall 2/0 – 6.