past guiding

Just a collection of my Guiding 1998 to 2010

Salmon fishing at the Margaree has a rich history since the early 1900s, a river which is still world renown for its salmon. My first experience was on October 1996. It was the last day of the fishing season, it was freezing cold with some flurries but was busy like crazy. Over the years in my Guiding service, I have taken out Sports to many places; fishing in the Highlands (with my Argo 8 wheeler), at the Bras Dor Lake with my Bass Boat, and fishing in the ocean with my modified Lobster boat. I personally guided tours mostly to the Margaree River, but also to The Middle and North River.


Since I concentrated working at my business, the “Margaree Riverview Inn”, I am not doing any guiding any more since 2011. But if you stay at my place, I will be happy to assist you, give you tips, and hand you a description on how to find the pools. If you know how to do Fly Fishing, rest assured you will not need to hire a guide at all.